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The library carries approximately 6000 books, which serves the school community of students, teachers and administrators. The library also includes a number of computers for online research and knowledge purposes, and a Data Show projector that supports lectures, seminars and office classes.

The library participated in many cultural activities, at the state level and at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which in turn helped students expand their perceptions, refine the literary talents, and encouraged them to read and write.

This includes:

  • Arabic Reading Challenge.
  • Small Writer Competition in the Big Book.
  • Creative Reader Competition of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Our students had an honorable role in obtaining high positions in their annual participation of:

  • Activating the role of library classes for students to read and research and make summaries of what has been read for all stages and grades, with activating reading classes for students in the first and second grades to develop their reading skill.
  • Encouraging male and female students to research knowledge and write reports on current events, for example (Hazza bin Zayed, the first Arab astronaut).
  • Preparing an annual book fair within the school, in cooperation with a publishing house, aimed at serving students from kindergarten to twelfth grade.
    Activating the role of the library to serve the academic curriculum (such as the subjects of Arabic, English, Islamic Education, Social Studies etc.).

Creating innovative and varied interactive activities, for example:

  • My Mom Reads To Me
    Reading Café
    A Session Titled Talking Book

Preparing projects that serve the curriculum, such as:

  • Pioneers of the Arab and European Theater.
  • The Effectiveness of the Silent Book.
  • Knowledge Grove Project
  • One of the Great Arab Poets and Writers.
  • Preparing Cultural Events.
  • Participating the month of reading and preparing various and interesting activities for students.

Carrying Out Foreign Cultural Visits Such As:

  • Visit Al Wathba Public Library
  • Visit Majid Magazine
  • Visit the Capacity
  • Development Center for People with Disabilities
    Visit Khalifa Park Library
  • Making virtual trips during the Corona period through the TEAMS program
  • An electronic library has been prepared on Telegram to serve all groups (students, parents, administrative and teaching staff