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Special Needs

We accommodate all cases of Special needs (after examination of case). Our methods are as follows, students of special needs study in class with the other students.

We offer one on one time with our specialist in order to know the best method to teach each student. We focus on behavioral improvements, speech therapy and sensory play. Each plan will be tailored to the students’ needs.

Our special needs department Develop and oversee the implementation of the school’s Special Education Needs (SEN) strategy and policy Conducting assessments of pupils with special educational needs to identify needs and monitor progress – including observations in the classroom and meeting with teachers and parents with the latest standardized assessments such as (vp-mapp_ablls-r) Work with classroom teachers, school leadership team, parents and relevant external agencies to develop, implement and monitor individual support/learning plans Provide regular updates on the pupil’s progress through written reports and meetings with parents.

Making referrals and liaising with professionals outside of school – this can include psychologists, health and social care providers, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists Provide advice, guidance and training to class teachers on supporting pupils with SEN Supporting teachers to develop action plans and learning programs for students with special needs Support teachers to develop and implement effective teaching and behavior management methods in the classroom.

Supporting and training teachers and shadow teachers on the latest educational strategies in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) science Manage and advise on the school budget and resources to provide for SEN Develop and maintain systems for keeping pupil records, ensuring information is accurate and up-to-date Analyze school, local and national data and develop appropriate strategies and interventions Manage SEN teachers, teaching assistants and support staff to improve student progress and achievement Keep up to date with national and local policies related to SEN and information cascading to colleagues. Work, train and build action plans with informed strategies (ABA).